Fall Riding

Fall Riding
Indy & Me trail riding in Howell Twp. - Nov. 2010

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The trail to Tullo's

Last evening, Emma & "Hezzie" joined us for the usual "Tuesday Trail Night". Ival is away. I hadn't been up to Tullo's harness racing track in a few weeks, so that was the plan of action. Emma has never been actually on the track. We started off with our knucklehead horses that would rather eat the overgrown bushes rather to "go forward". Did you know that small branches with leaves at the end make good crops?! With a little tap like a harness racing whip we finally moved on. 2 miles later we were up on the racetrack. The track is always raked each day after training is done so I let Emma know to stay on the outer part of the track. Indy knows the track TOO well. He stopped to grab some overgrown bushes, & as I broke off another "pretend crop", I got one that looked & felt like one that Yannink Gringas used when Indy raced.....LOL. One tap & oh crap, we were trotting away on the track. Here comes "Hezzie" & Emma cantering besides us. I actually had to break the "pretend crop" smaller since Indy wanted to go, go, go. A few feet later was the driveway off the track to the barns. I showed Emma all the harness racers in their barns, and what a jog cart looks like. I know many people at Tullo's, so riding on the property is no problem. Next......time to take the 2 mile jaunt home. It meant, back on the racetrack to get back to the trails, AND the horses knowing they were going home. Once on the track, Indy started trotting in training mode. It is so awesome, and of course Hezzie & Emma playing "outrider" cantering next to us. We returned back home knowing we had another adventure completed.

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