Fall Riding

Fall Riding
Indy & Me trail riding in Howell Twp. - Nov. 2010

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ival....Where we going?

First, I must start that Indy used to have such a fear of crossing water. This was 2 years ago. He is 90% almost perfect. Thanks to following other horses crossing water over the years, I can say he has overcome it. Thanks to my friend, Emerald, who gave me tips to get him to cross water, and to Mike P. who also gave me tips since Mike used to have Indy swim in a pool when he trained for harness racing. This photo I took of Indy standing in the water on our trails, while I was sitting on him....well our reflection! Yes he is standing in it. Look....you can see my knee there.....yup, until it gets cold, I always trail ride in shorts & cowboy boots!

Wednesday at 6:30pm, I went out with Ival & "Clover", and Emma & "Hezzie". With the cool weather, I just knew this was going to be a good ride tonight.We went way out, since Ival wanted to show me places where she had clipped back the bushes & small branches. Then she wanted to show what needs to be done. Thanks Ival for bringing us through a jungle as thick as Vietnam! We then went to the section that is all open. "Go here.", Ival said, and pointed to a small trail I had never been to. "Ival, where we going?", I asked. "Let's go to my friend Kati's house, to Vienna Road." What a neat trail. Even Emma had a smile on her face knowing we were going on another adventure. Indy was leading most of the way tonight, but when we had to cross a wooden bridge across a creek, he looked at Clover like, "Ladies first.". We let Indy think he was being polite,but we knew he was really thinking, "What the hell is this? Clover, you go first!".

90 minutes later as we were returning back to the ranch, Ival told Emma that not many people come out riding with us, and that she is such a good trail rider. I agreed and we told Emma (who by the way is only around 15 years old !) that she is officially a part of the Ival & Suzanne Trail Riding Club. Haha....Ival told her that if anyone can trot through brush and trees, get hit on the head with branches, put up with our silliness, and have no clue where Ival is taking everyone, and then return with smile........she is a member! Happy trails everyone!

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