Fall Riding

Fall Riding
Indy & Me trail riding in Howell Twp. - Nov. 2010

Friday, July 29, 2011

Emma & Hezzie, and Deer

Last week we had a new trail rider with us. Her name is Emma and she is around 15 years old and rides Hezzie. She rode with me one night, and then joined me and Ival. Indy actually didn't mind leading but he prefers it when Clover leads. When Clover goes, he follows and her speed is faster than him. Let's look at the word, "Deer". Indy and Hezzie like deer. Clover does not. Indy has a herd of 5-6 each night that graze in his field with him, so no wonder deer do not bother him. Last week on the trail a doe was looking at all 3 of the horses. Ival tried to turn Clover's head but she did a little spook dance. Real quick. Indy did a little spook dance too, only because Clover did it. I am sure Indy then said to her, "C'mon Clover, it's only a deer!"

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