Fall Riding

Fall Riding
Indy & Me trail riding in Howell Twp. - Nov. 2010

Saturday, July 23, 2011

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Since it is very hot day here in Jersey (100 degrees), and no trail riding for the last 3 days, this is a start for my blog. Indy is my Standardbred horse and we love to trail ride. We do some horse shows but limit it to Halter & Showmanship classes. We are a great team, but belong riding and racing through the trails. May I add that he has great conformation for Halter classes & Indy loves to show off, but after those classes, he is looking for the trailer to go home. We trail ride a lot with our good friends, Ival and her Standardbred, Clover. We ride through our hidden trails belonging to Howell Twp. Indy and I also go out by ourselves in the the cool weather and we ride 2 miles to Tullo's harness racing farm. Here we bring our trot up to speed on the track, and also visit our friends: Carol, Anna, & Nick, in the barns.

We did a judged trail competition this Spring. Everyone else went in groups, but Indy & I were alone. I didn't expect much since when we did it 2 years ago, we had some issues with the obstacles. This year, it was a long 8 miles, very warm, and he wasn't in his best shape coming from the winter months out with a hock issue . BUT, he did the course like he did when he was a harness racer....he gave it his all. Out of 36 riders (& their horses), we earned 12th!

So......this is now my blog, and I will add our adventures as they happen.

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