Fall Riding

Fall Riding
Indy & Me trail riding in Howell Twp. - Nov. 2010

Monday, October 3, 2011

Meeting the Quads......

Sunday afternoon was a perfect day for a trail ride. I could tell it was a Sunday since I could hear sounds from the homes in the distance: Lawn mowers, weed whackers, & even hearing kids playing ball in the street. As we were deeper in the woods, the sound was of........ Quad's! They were loud and I knew where they were. In the sand pits close to Tullo's track. "Be brave Indy. We are going to get you used to the sounds of Quad's" . Clipplity, clop through the woods. Within 10 minutes around the corner in the woods there were the evil Quads. They were stopped......all 6 of them on our trail! I waved to the man who was standing next to his Quad. The others had on their helmet gear, mud and all. It was 2 families with kids. I said, "We are going to ride next to you so he gets used to you, but don't rev the engines." This is the funny part. As we walked around 1 quad, see above, the boy was scared to death since Indy & I were right next to him. "He's so big!" as he looked up. "Don't worry, he's not going to hurt you.". The Quads started to move on, and Indy was so calm he wanted to turn and follow them! I was thrilled. He passed the Quad test without engines revving.

20 minutes later, we see them again by the Powerlines. We are trotting north and they were coming south. Engines going, not real loud. We stepped off the trail and watched as they zoomed by, waving to each quad rider again. Indy stood calm like he was a mounted patrol horse watching a parade. 2nd Quad test of engines a little louder zooming by = Pass.

10 minutes later as start our bend out of the Powerlines to the entrance of woods, I hear a loud noise sounding like minibikes. Oh crap. As they come around the bend they see my hand up like I was directing traffic and they stopped. These 2 teenagers were so nice. We walked by them close. "When you see me up there, feel free to take off." I must have been nuts. It was only 50 feet away. but the 3rd test was the big one. We were walking on and then they gave big ZOOMS on the minibikes, as they took off. Indy spooked a little, scared him good, but he calmed right down.....thank God! 3rd Test with the minibikes = Pass, but with some spookiness.

We returned back to our horse farm, and my friends with their thoroughbreds heard the Quads. "Were you okay?", they asked. I replied, "Yea.......thank goodness the thoroughbreds didn't come. They would have been flipping !"

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  1. Good boy Indy! Love that horse! I wish we lived closer...I never have anyone to trail ride with!