Fall Riding

Fall Riding
Indy & Me trail riding in Howell Twp. - Nov. 2010

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Muscles & brains have memory....

I didn't expect to ride today since the forcast was for rain. It was crappy all week so I knew I had to get out to ride. Indy needed the exercise since galloping around in his field with Fancy isn't exactly a trail ride exercise! Saddled up & off we went. It was 11am and I decided to take the 2 mile trail to Tullo's to see friends and their harness racers. The map above is my route. Click on the photo & you can see it bigger. The upper right is our horse farm, where we started. The track is Tullo's. In red is where we rode, through the woods & out to the Powerlines, heading south to Tullo's harness racing farm. It took us awhile to get there since we weren't in any rush. I enjoyed the silence of just listening to the birds, and frogs in the water crossings. Indy would stand in each water crossing playing & drinking the water.

You can see in the photo where we arrived on the track and there were still a few harness racers exercising. The tractor was starting to drag the track and Indy didn't bat an eye when he passed us. He was too busy checking out the pacers all hooked up to their jog carts. One was pacing at a nice slow pace and next thing we know, Indy & I were trotting next to the pair and talking. I felt Indy in training mode now: His trot was faster yet in a perfect trotting rhythm. Muscles & brains have memory !

After that fun, around the track, we turned down the driveway off the track to see our friend Carol in the barns. Clip Clop, Clip Clop.....Carol was finishing up her work with her harness racers. "Indy...it's so nice to see a riding horse here!" We met 2 other friends and Indy even ate a piece of banana bread! After gabbing & saying hello to Nick's harness racers, we headed back home. The last pacer was coming off the track. She was done training for the day. We trotted the short way on the track so the tractor could finish the dragging. Quick wave to him & we were back on the trails..... We took our 2 mile walk/trot way home. Of course we stopped at some water crossing to play & drink in the water............

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